A Place to Center Yourself

Online or in-person personal instruction is great for every 'body' because they provide a one-to-one experience.  It deepens your practice, improves mental and physical health, and helps achieve personal goals.  If you are a beginner, a working professional, an athlete, working or recovering through an injury; I will provide you with a special focus to help increase your health and wellness.   Please click here to connect with me regarding your personal instructions.  

Benefits to Invest in Private Lessons

  • Gaining Initial Experience with a private instructor can help with getting in the poses comfortably and help improve form immediately which makes it easier to get started. Group classes can feel overwhelming, especially, for the first few classes because of the unfamiliar queues and language.  Also, the overall setting of the class can be difficult to keep up when flexibility might require some little work to transition into different postures.  
  • Overcoming Health Concerns with a private instructors can work around and avoid any further complications.  If your working through an injury or a health concern a group yoga class maybe impractical. 
  • Create a Personalized Schedule with your busy lifestyle.  A private instructor can work around your schedule adding more flexibility on when to have private lessons.  Making time for your practice is a vital essence of yoga. 
  • Deepening Your Practice & Focus on Personal Goals with private instruction can bring you to the next level to help with increasing your skills and confidence. Private lessons are customized to help set and achieve personal plans for your goals, concerns or interests.  For instance, if you want to work on your flexibility, handstands/inversions, strength, meditation, etc., the instructor can create a personalized routine for you. 



"I was injured in a minor car accident and was feeling a lot of pain and stiffness in my neck and back. Thankfully, I was introduced to Greta because she has helped me so much. She taught me many techniques and yoga poses for stretching and strengthening my muscles. She also taught me different ways to release trigger points. Her awareness of the body and yoga knowledge is very apparent. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my sessions with Greta because I am feeling back to my normal self again! Greta has a lovely personality and is always smiling/positive which is absolutely wonderful during times of stress and pain. She’s also very caring and cautious to prevent any further pain by listening and making sure she doesn’t push you too far. Thank you, Greta for being such a blessing during a challenging time in my life! I highly recommend to anyone who is in need of any physical therapy type of help or yoga lessons."  -Sora K.



"Book a package with Greta right now!  My back and shoulder pain used to be constant after working at a desk for years. I tried chiropractors but nothing offered more than very temporary relief. After a few months with Greta I’m a new person. The pain is gone and my posture is way better. She takes the time to find the spots causing pain, and uses yoga techniques to strengthen the correct areas so you can support the places you used to slouch in. Greta is very adept at feeling out your energy level for the day and never pushes too hard, all while making progress. Each session goes by fast as she’s personable and easy going. Highly recommend if you have any physical issues - 6 weeks and you’ll be back to your old self. Thanks, Greta!" - Michael J.