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“I haven't been consistent with my yoga practice in a while because of work travels.  This workshop came at a perfect time during the pandemic because work required more time being on my computer and phone and stuck at my desk.  Being a certified yoga teacher,  the 6 weeks series reminded me how much I miss having a consistent practice like I did during my 200 hrs of TT.  So it has helped with being more discipline with self-care and mindfulness by scheduling more "me time" and to get on the mat often.  I always feel better afterwards.  Greta also reminded me that we have so many areas of the body that need to move and stretch to become stronger.  She was really good with introducing poses that you can do standing on your mat or at the wall and I never thought about that. I have a consistent meditation practice and I love that each session ended with a guided meditation.”   - Stephanie H.


“Greta is pretty open and welcoming to all levels no matter flexibility. Greta provided feedback as we went thru the class in order to improve what was being taught. The meal recipes, the bingo simplicity game, and protein cleansing were extras things outside the yoga practice expectations that helped being engaged especially when we are not on our mat.  Also, the journaling was very helpful to remember road blocks presented during the class.  Greta did a great job making the group feel comfortable and presenting a joyful practice.”  - Ricardo C.


“I have never done yoga before and this workshop gave me confidence and feeling much better and some sense of accomplishment for self care. I enjoyed very much the meditation and group discussions and learning other students experiences. As a beginner, I did not feel any intimidation and Greta was great in assessing our moves so she can work with each of us.  Greta is good in helping beginners with the yoga postures to lead and build upon.”  - Editha T.


"I took Greta’s Vinyassa Yoga class when I was relatively new to yoga and she is definitely  a huge part of why I love it so much now!!  She had a very calming way of relaxing me at the beginning of class and then kicking my butt by the end.  Her cues were spot on and she encouraged me to go for it and try new things that I thought I was unable to do.  I looked forward to every class I  had with her.  After taking her class a few times, I remember saying “This Yoga is no joke”.  She is an incredible teacher but more importantly an extremely kind spirited person who has your best interests at heart and wants to see you excel to your potential.  One of the very best yoga instructors I have ever had the privilege to train under!!"    -Jean Y.


"Greta's classes are creative, original and full of great energy. It's rare to do the same sequences more than once, ensuring a challenging class every time you go. Her yin class is an athlete's dream - you'll leave feeling loose and fresh! "  -Justin S.


"Greta's class helped me take my yoga practice to the next level.  Greta skillfully offers hands on adjustment to ensure participants learn postures correctly.  Practicing with Greta built up my strength and confidence in every pose.  I look forward to every class knowing that she will prepare the perfect blend of challenge, fun, and meditation.   -Kelcy M.


"Greta is an awesome yoga teacher.  Her 2/3 vinyasa class helped me get so much stronger.  She is helpful with ques in all the poses to help with alignment and breathe.  She is a sweetheart with a fun loving attitude.  I recommend her classes to my friends."   -Drew M.